Our Kingscliff early learning centre fees and rebates

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Fees for our Kingscliff early learning centre are due and payable at the beginning of each week and must be paid at least 2 weeks in advance by direct debit using the “Debit Pro” system.

If you choose to pay monthly, your account will have to be paid one month in advance. At least two weeks' notice is required when giving notice of your child's departure from the centre. Fees are charged and payable for all the days your child is enrolled at the centre. This includes public holidays, sick days, vacation days and any other days your child may be absent.

Please contact the centre directly on (02) 6674 3966 to find out about our fees.

Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate

The Child Care Benefit (CCB) is a payment made through Centrelink to eligible families to assist with the cost of approved types of child care. A family's eligibility for the CCB is subject to an income test administered by the Commonwealth Government—Department of Human Services. Families are responsible for registering for the Child Care Benefit through Centrelink.

We recommend you organise this as soon as possible, as the full fee amount could be charged if your assessment has not been processed prior to commencement of your child's care. Families will only receive a CCB fee reduction if they have registered with Centrelink; are eligible for CCB; have a formal enrolment with the Centre; and we have received confirmation from the government relating to the percentage of CCB available to you.

The Child Care Rebate (CCR) is not currently income tested and covers 50% of out-of-pocket child care expenses for approved child care, up to a maximum amount per child per year (currently $7,500) in addition to any other child care assistance (e.g. the CCB). Please speak to Centrelink about your eligibility for the Child Care Rebate (CCR) and notify us if you elect to get it paid directly to the centre.