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Bossy Boots Early Learning Centre
Committed to providing high quality care and early education for children from birth to school age. 


At Bossy Boots, we view children as individuals with unique talents, capabilities, and aspirations. We aim to provide the highest level of care and education for all children, while providing a stimulating, healthy, and caring environment so that they can achieve their full potential. We aim to provide a nurturing and caring environment that enhances the learning and development of children from birth to school age through a process of belonging, being and becoming. Partnerships We recognise that families are children’s first and foremost educators. We recognise the importance of collaboration between families and educators and strive to facilitate this process by creating a warm and welcoming environment. We aim to be approachable, flexible, and receptive to the feedback and input of others. Secure, respectful, and reciprocal relationships We give priority to nurturing relationships and to providing children with consistent emotional support, assisting them to develop the skills and understanding that they need to interact positively with others. We educate children about the value of collaboration and teamwork, providing them with opportunities to practice these skills in their interactions with peers and educators. High expectations and equity We aim to recognise and respond to barriers that children face in achieving educational success. We encourage and promote curriculum decisions that promote the inclusion and participation of all children. Respect for diversity We recognise that diversity contributes to the richness of our society and aim to promote greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ ways of knowing and being, and to understand and promote other cultures within our community. We believe that the experience of diversity provides opportunities for learning about similarities and differences while demonstrating how to live, learn, and play harmoniously. Ongoing learning and reflective practice We understand the importance of reflective practice as a form of ongoing learning and as a means of gaining a more detailed understanding of our work with children. As professionals, we aim to examine our experiences from varying perspectives, providing us with opportunities for continual improvement and the development of new ideas. We aim to become co-learners with children and their families while valuing the richness of local knowledge shared by community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island elders, and other cultures represented within our community. Our curriculum, policies and practices are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, ‘My Time, Our Place’, the National Quality Framework and the relevant regulations and laws.

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